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NFI Warehouse @ 11888 Mission Blvd.—Mira Loma, CA

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Operated by National Distribution Centers of Delaware, Inc. and branded as NFI, a subsidiary. Staffing agency on-site, Warestaff, LLC, employs most workers on-site. The owner of the property, Swift Trucking, operates on half of the site, while NFI operates on the other half.

“The operation is dedicated 100% to moving goods destined for outlets at Walmart Stores, Inc. The facility has two sections, one dedicated to goods destined for the Sam’s Club subsidiary of Walmart, referred to as the West Side, and one dedicated to moving goods for the Walmart stores, referred to as the East Side. Workers are assigned to one or the other side.

The facility is a cross-dock operation, meaning goods are not stored on site, but rather are unloaded from shipping containers drayed from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as trailers from regional distributors or producers. Workers unload boxes and pallets from the trailers and containers, either manually or using industrial trucks. The goods are then conveyed on carts, electric pallet jacks or forklift industrial truck across the dock to a different door and placed outside trailers backed up to the facility. Workers referred to as loaders then load boxes into trailer by hand, stacking them from the back of the trailer to the front.

The facility operates 24 hours a day, with reduced shifts on weekends. There are approximately 60 workers on site per shift. The bulk of workers are loaders and unloaders. Other workers drive forklifts. A small number of workers drive yard tractors, moving loaded and unloaded containers and trailers around the facility.” (from WWU Complaint)


Complaint submitted to OSHA on Wednesday, July 18, 2012:

“This letter serves as a serious formal complaint against National Distribution Centers, and Warestaff pursuant to California Labor Code § 6309, with a request that Cal/OSHA conduct a wall-to-wall on-site inspection of this site.” Download Complaint

Complaint submitted to National Labor Relations Board:

“We appreciate your prompt consideration of this matter, as it represent a sharp escalation in the Employer’s effort to squash organizational activity. The context for these charges is that on September 13,2012, thirty-three warehouse workers employed by Warestaff/NFI went on a fifteen-day strike to protest the Employer’s previous unfair labor practices and ongoing work hazards that have been the subject of Cal-OSHA complaint and investigation. Now, as the enclosed charges describe, the Employer is retaliating against the returning strikers in ways both subtle and not, through discharges, temporary lay-offs, demotions, suspensions, and threats.” Download Complaint



November 14, 2012

“Since workers went on strike to protest unfair labor practices and marched 50-miles from Southern California’s Inland Empire to Downtown Los Angeles to win safe jobs this September, working conditions have started to improve, but workers have experienced continued retaliation including terminations, demotions and a drastic reduction in hours.” [source]

September 12—28, 2012

“Workers at a Southern California warehouse that moves Walmart merchandise returned to work after a 15-day strike that included a six-day, 50-mile pilgrimage for safe jobs.” [source]